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The following terms and conditions from the law when you visit this site to your constraints. If you do not agree with the conditions listed below, please do not use this web site or any contained in this web site content. If you use the site or content, that means you agree with the following provisions.

Website information

The station information without any form of guarantee, including merchantability, suitable for a particular purpose or not to infringe the intellectual property rights guarantee. Yasen does not guarantee that the information in this website the absolute accuracy and absolute integrity, Yasen web site content such as product, price and configuration may change at any time, the contents of this site may have expired, Arkelson is not committed to update them. If the site published product information, and market the product specification content access, product specification information content.

General constraints

This web site provides all the information, files, products and services, trademark, logo, graphics and images ( material ) belong to the SIM group or its subsidiaries have. Any form of unauthorized use of this site information behavior will violate copyright law, trademark law and the law of privacy.

Yasen agree you can only for personal purposes on a personal computer display this website. Without the written permission of the SIM, you can not because of any use of this site. You agree not to anyone, including the company and organization of replication, distribution, publishing and broadcasting included in this site in any content. You can't in newsgroups, mailing list or a column posted on this website. Do you agree that you have no rights to modify in any way, edit, change or add any material. Without prior notice in your case, the restrictions on automatically. On the basis of restrictions, you agree to immediately destroy any print or download material.

Do you agree, without ya Sen or Yasen authorized written consent will not contain any content of this web site or third party data mirroring to any other server or Internet device.

This website can be linked to the WWW or Internet was not Yasen control and maintenance of the website. Do you agree that Arkelson provides these links are only for your convenience, Yasen on these websites is responsible.

Some areas of this website password protected ( restricted areas ). If you are one of these restricted regions of the authorized user, you agree that you are responsible for keeping your password and Account confidential, and agrees that, if your code is lost, stolen or unauthorized third party to decipher, you will immediately notice the sim. Do you agree to what you have account any behavior entirely responsible, including protected by a password of account any cost incurred costs, regardless of whether the behavior of the individual is you. Do you agree, if there is any unauthorized use of your account, you will be notified immediately Ya Sen.

You authorized this site can contain certain influence the content of quality inaccuracies or typographical errors. You accept the material or any third party content not Yasen independent verification or whole or partial authorization. And agree to Yasen does not guarantee material or third party content accuracy or timeliness. You further agree Yasen on any material and third party content long irresponsible

Limitation of liability

In order to maximize the extensions can use law, Yasen wrong because the display, copy or download the information in this website is responsible for any damage and loss. Yasen liable for any indirect, special, exemplary, punitive, incidental or consequential damage responsible ( including data loss, taxes or other economic interests ).

Local law

Jason in China headquarters control and operation of the site, Yasen do not carry this website content in the international area using the effective. If you are in China at locations other than the use of the site, you have the responsibility to local law cases using the contents of this website.

The site violates the terms

If you violate the terms of this site, Arkelson is retained in the prior notice or explanation of the circumstances to terminate the service for you right.

Do you agree with Jason and Yasen authorized in advance can be undeclared cases increase and / or change the web service and price, and further agree Yasen in undeclared cases of revision of these terms. Your continued use of this site, this site that you have to accept these changes.

The announcement of the interpretation and use of this website interpretation attributed Yu Yasen 's circuit.


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